The Loring Family

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Name: Ian, Caralee, Ashlie, Isaac, and David Loring

Current location: Korça, Albania
Current ministry focus: Evangelism and Church Planting
Current contact information: or
Facebook pages- Caralee Albarian Loring, Kisha Ungjillore Korca, Fondacioni Kenedi

Fun and interesting facts about yourself: Ian and I are both firstborns, and it seems two of our children are like firstborns, too! We have now lived in Albania longer than we have lived in our home countries (more than 28 years). Ian loves golf (but rarely gets a chance to play) the same with me (Caralee) and tennis. Ashlie, our oldest, is studying International Relations/Political Science at Whitworth University, Spokane, WA. Isaac is studying Law at Exeter University, UK. David is currently being homeschooled; quite a challenge with a child who has a strong personality.

Ongoing prayer request: Please pray that our health and strength will be sustained to finish the tasks we are currently involved in here. Parenting and schooling David (11 years old).

Year you became a missionary: We have been working in Albania since 1991

Short Description of your Ministry: Ian and Caralee have been living and working in Albania since the fall of Communism. The hunger to know God drew them to living there, learning the language, and becoming part of the Albanian community. Evangelism led to Bible Studies, which led to planting churches which now total over 20!