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Give Appreciated Assets


Marin Covenant Church makes it easy to give a financial asset such as stocks, bonds, ETFs, and mutual funds. 

There are two main reasons to donate an appreciated asset held over one year:

  1. The donor avoids having to pay capital gains tax that would normally be required when an appreciated asset is sold. MCC sells the asset, not the donor.

  2. The donor receives a tax deduction equal to the full market value of the appreciated asset at the time of donation.

Consult your tax advisor for the complete rules and the effect on your taxes of donating an asset to the church. 

To donate a financial asset:

  1. Click here to create an email to MCC’s Financial Secretary.  Please include your name, address, phone, email, asset name and symbol, and the number of shares.

  2. You will receive an email reply with information about Marin Covenant Church’s brokerage account.

  3. Contact your broker to transfer the asset to MCC’s account.

  4. MCC will send you a statement acknowledging your gift.

If you have any questions, call the Church office at 415-479-1360.

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