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February 2021


02.01-02.28 Reintroducing Black Culture

Before you engage:

Reflect on your understanding and own experiences with the African American Culture.

Learning Engagements: Choose two (2) or three (3):

  1. Read The Color of Compromise Jemar Tisby

  2. Read The Souls of Black Folk, Up From Slavery: Two Visions, One Mission

  3. Watch this Oscar Award Winning Short Film "Hair Love" (Perfect for families)

  4. Watch Good Hair starring Chris Rock

  5. Listen to "Lift Every Voice: History of Black Music" Podcast

Questions for reflection and discussion:

How do these resources reframe your view of the Black culture and the violence experienced throughout history? 

How do these resources demonstrate ways Scripture has been used to justify and perpetuate racial violence and division?

How was your discipleship informed by a distorted gospel, and how have you participated in it?


Spiritual Praxis: Celebration

  • Celebrate a different culture than your own this month. 

  • Immerse yourself in its: history, food, language, customs, art, music, etc

  • Connect with people from this culture and celebrate who they are. 

Praxis Question - how did you celebrate another culture than your own this month and what did you learn about yourself and your neighbor?

Look Ahead, at the MCC Recommended Reading List, which includes options for all ages.

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