Next Step

07.22.21 Update on COVID Protocols at MCC


Like many of you, we have been monitoring the Covid numbers, the news, and the local recommendations from our health officials here in Marin. It has been our missional posture to live in a way that we are good news to our community by being good neighbors, not living in fear or rebellion, while balancing care for one another with personal freedom. For the time being, we are taking the county's heightened recommendations to remind you that the Delta variant is very contagious and while the vaccinations are very effective they may not fully protect you from getting or passing on this variant. 


If you are sick or not feeling 100%, please do not come to church.

If you are not vaccinated, please wear a mask.

We will continue to have our children and students wear masks as well as those who are teaching them.

Those who are vaccinated have the choice to wear masks or not.

We recognize that everyone should make choices based on their own risk assessment and hope that our church can meet you where you are, so you can continue to walk toward a life in Christ with our MCC community. You can do that through our incredible online service, by sitting in the lobby socially distanced, or by joining us in the front row.  


Thank you so much for your graciousness and maturity as we continue to strive to do good ministry to our county in this challenging season.