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Indigenous History Month

Before you read:

Reflect on what you were taught about Indigenous people when you were in K-12 and think about the intellectual residue these messages may have left.

Learning Engagements: Choose 2 of the 3 options listed:

  1. Watch this sermon from Richard Twiss 

  2. Watch this lecture from Dr. Andrea Smith

  3. Read Unsettling Truths by Mark Charles and Soong-Chan Rah


Join the First Friday event November 6, 2020, at 6:30 pm

Topic: Reshaping Our Understanding of U.S. History

Movie and Discussion- Documentary In the White Man’s Image

Zoom Login

Meeting ID: 938 1816 4784

Passcode: 601186


Engage in the following questions:

How do these resources challenge your understanding of history? 

What strategies might you cultivate to deconstruct, confront, and change incomplete narratives that have contributed to the harsh realities of our National History?

What might our church community do to prepare ourselves to be challenged to engage in this disturbing history more deeply? 

What did you learn about the injustice that has been inflicted and continues to inflict Indigenous communities?


Spiritual Praxis:



Have conversations this month in which you:

  • Listen - be in a conversation where you are primarily listening with minimal response

  • Share - be in a conversation where you are sharing something you are learning

  • Lament - be in a conversation where you are being vulnerable about the struggle

  • Reconcile - be in a conversation in which you are trying to connect and create a bridge


Praxis Question: What did you learn in the conversations you engaged in this month?

Look Ahead, at the MCC Recommended Reading List, which includes options for all ages.

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