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Joy to the WorldWebsite Sermon Archive 147x143.png

Joy To The World

For many of us Christmas time evokes delightful feelings of nostalgia. Some of our best memories of life come from this time of year. Twinkling lights, colorful presents, evergreen trees, candles, hot cider, roaring fires, time with cherished loved ones, Christmas carols - these are all part of our experience of the joy of the season. Somehow Christmas still moves us deeply and whispers to us that there is, in fact, beauty and richness to life. Join us this Christmas season as we rediscover the Joy To The World that Christmas proclaims.

John Website Sermon Archive 147x143.png

Following Jesus - The Gospel of John (part 1)

The Gospel of John is a uniquely powerful New Testament book that records the life and teachings of Jesus in unique and inspiring ways. As we make our way through each chapter in the coming weeks, we will be learning about Jesus - who he is and what he taught - as well as consider what it truly means to be Jesus-followers.

SITS 2021 Website Sermon Archive 147x143.png

Summer In The Scriptures: What is in the Bible… and Why?

Each summer MCC intentionally explores the bible together so that we can better understand this often mis-understood book of ancient writings. 

RestorationWebsite Sermon Archive 147x14


One day, God is going to bring a complete restoration to our world. All things will be put right and we will be in the presence of God forever! In John’s revelation at the end of the Bible he hears God say, “Behold! I am everything new!” And Jesus called it “The renewal of all things.” This hope is an anchor for our souls, for this is where we will spend eternity. And the even more amazing news: Our God is already doing his work of restoration in us by the Holy Spirit.

AWARE Online Images App 290x290.png

Aware: Knowing the Presence of the Holy Spirit

It is a central component of our hope in Christ that we can be aware - all the time and in many ways - that God is with us. By the presence of the Holy Spirit, “Christ dwells in our hearts through faith.” Growing in our ability to sense this presence is an exciting endeavor and results in us experiencing the abundant Life that Jesus offered. Join us as we explore how to be more aware!

Digging In Ephesians Sermon Side Screen

Digging In- Our Prayer for MCC: An in-depth look at Ephesians 3:16-19

Everything in our lives has been thrown for a loop. Nothing is as used to be. Or so it seems. Even how we walk with God and live out our core faith has been affected. But as we live through - and then past - the Covid crisis (and the crises it creates), we will want to make sure we have not forgotten who and what we really are. Join us as we walk together through Paul’s prayer for the Ephesian church, which is our prayer for you.

The Gift Ig feed 1080x1080.png

The Gift

We give gifts at Christmas in honor and in celebration of the greatest gift: That Jesus, God himself in human form, has come into the world to bring salvation. Join us for this Advent season (the four Sundays leading up to Christmas) as we reflect on his giving - and our receiving -The Gift.

The Ugly Within Sermon Side Screen 1080x

The Ugly Within

So let’s be real. We do pretty well living as God’s people when life is smooth sailing. But in times of stress (um, global pandemics, economic difficulty, partisan political races) even we who are believers in Jesus can find our sin leaking out all over the place. It’s true that we are a forgiven people who have been given the gift of the Holy Spirit, but our flesh still puts up a pretty good fight. What do we do with all the junk that comes out from within us? How do we find insight, hope and healing from Jesus? Join us on Sundays as we look honestly at the ugly within.

Refresh Website Sermon Archive 147x143.p

REFRESH: Updating our rhythms for a thriving faith

The refresh button on our computers might be our favorite part of the online experience. We can’t wait to see what new information will impact the site we are exploring or the document in front of us. Similarly, our world, our connections, and our spiritual journey need to be refreshed as we experience new realities. 

SITS 1 peter online 290x290.png

Summer in the Scriptures: 1 Peter

MCC spends the summer months diving into the scriptures. Join us as we unpack 1 Peter written to the scattered, persecuted church. This small book continues to encourage, challenge, and equip us for life in our world today. 

Digging In Romas290x290.png

Digging In: An in-depth look at Romans 5:1-5

As we come out of Lent, through Passion Week and Easter Sunday, we are comforted with the good news that the tomb has remained empty. Jesus, our risen savior, is alive and we walk in new kind of life because he lives. Conceptually this sounds wonderful, but does our everyday experience (especially these days) line up with such a victorious picture? What is the nature of our post-Easter life? Join us as we walk together through five meaty verses in the book of Romans which address some of our most honest questions about living as Christians.

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