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The Paul Family

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Names: Karina, Evens, Abbey Grace, and Hannah Faith Paul

Location: LaVictoire, Haiti

Current Mission Focus: Community Development

Contact Information:

Missionary Flight International

3170 Airman Dr. SAI 1020

Fort Pierce, FL 34946


FacebookKarina Paul, Evens Paul 

Instagram- hake0385

Ongoing prayer requests: Our health- Its flu season in Haiti, many of our staff and families are sick.

Safety-Crime is on the rise again because of the political unrest.

Our two cars- both are finally working, pray that they continue this way!

Strength- Serving others can be draining sometimes. It requires so much energy. Pray that we continue to find balance and that God renews our strength for what he has for our beautiful community.

Short description of your ministry: Evens and Karina Paul were commissioned in 2019 and have been doing missionary work in Haiti for over 10 years. In 2018, they moved their family to Haiti. Both are called to empower and transform lives through the love of Jesus Christ in Haiti and have the vision to develop a community in a very rural town on the north side of Haiti called LaVictorie. Evens and Karina are currently pursuing projects such as, education, health care, clean water initiatives, evangelism, church planting, and sustainable agricultural programs. They are the founders of Sustainable Action International, a nonprofit organization that has been supporting their work in Haiti since the beginning of their missionary journey.

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