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We invite you to join us as we engage with the spiritually hungry, toward a life in Christ, that's inspired, intelligent, and involved.


In answer to the timeless question “What is humanity’s ultimate purpose?”, we respond with the Westminster Catechism “To glorify God and enjoy Him forever!” We celebrate this core belief each Sunday morning.


We gather regularly in worship, acknowledging God's power, holiness, love, and mercy. We believe that communal worship not only nurtures our own spiritual growth, but also serves as the centerpoint of God's people.

Join us onsite Sundays, 9am & 11am (Bagels at 10:45). 

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At Marin Covenant Church, we seek to provide a clear and accessible path for each person's journey toward Christ.

While there are many different starting places, our destination is ultimately the same: Surrendering more of our lives to Jesus. We believe that this surrender leads to abundant life. Our maturing faith aims to be inspired, intelligent, and involved.


We are certain that you can start your journey here and continue to deepen your love and service to Jesus for years to come. 


We invite you to be part of a Discipleship Cohort group. Each small group walks through our discipleship curriculum during a 9 month course. 

Applications will be available in April 2025.


To learn more about an inspired, intelligent & involved life,

click the box below.

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Our church is committed to nurturing and supporting children, students, and their families. Since our founding over 50 years ago, we have made substantial investments in our children's emerging faith, a tradition that continues today. 


We desire for each child and student to encounter Jesus and have positive experiences with the church at every phase of their development. Our dedicated staff and volunteer teams engage with children and their families each week to foster a loving and supportive community for all.

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