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South Asia

Jon and Christy


Current location: Yorba Linda, CA
Current ministry focus: Linguists and Translators with Wycliffe Bible Translators in South Asia
Current contact information: 20367 Fallen Oak Lane, Yorba Linda, CA 92886
714-609-6467 (Jon’s cell)
714-609-6224 (Christy’s cell)

Fun and interesting facts about yourself: We have three daughters: Ellie (12), Kenzie (10), and Ginny (7)
The 5 of us love to go camping and backpacking together. We especially enjoy the high Sierras!
We have enjoyed adventures together from day one in our relationship… from rock climbing in the U.S., remote jungle living in the Philippines, trekking in the Himalayas as our “commute,” summiting Mt. Whitney, and raising our kiddos on the other side of the world!
We are deeply involved in our local church as small group facilitators, and our daughters are plugged into their youth groups. 
The 5 of us watch Food Network cooking shows as our family entertainment, and someone in the house is always cooking or baking something delicious in the kitchen!
Our little pomapoo, Max, is a part of the family and loves going on family adventures!
We love coffee, South Asian curry, guacamole, and anything that most people think is too spicy.


Ongoing prayer request:
For the worldwide Maple and Northern Maple communities, that they will one day know Jesus Christ, our Lord.
For protection over Christians in Asia who endure persecution each day.
For protection over the Maple Bible translation project.
For Jon’s work and travel into the Northern Maple villages.
For Christy as she continues to work on Maple language development (dictionary) and as she translates with the Maple Bible translation team.
For our three daughters as they enter each new stage in life – that they will continue to grow closer to Jesus each day.
For God’s protection over our family – our health and safety as we serve Him.

Year you became a missionary: Jon joined Wycliffe in 1998; Christy joined Wycliffe in 1999

Short Description of your Ministry: Jon and Christy are missionaries with Wycliffe Bible Translators (WBT), an organization dedicated to translating the Word of God for those people who do not have the Bible in their own language. Jon serves as a linguistic researcher specializing in the field of anthropology and sociolinguistics, and Christy serves as a linguistic researcher specializing in Bible translation and dictionary development. They have been working on the “Maple” language project since 2002. The homeland for the Maple language community is located in a valley situated at approximately 12,000 feet in the Himalayan Mountains. However, over the past two decades, hundreds of Maple speakers have moved to many different countries all over the world. They stay connected through online social media, and they continue to claim their language as their own and their beautiful Himalayan valley as “home.” Of the approximately 10,000 Maple people, only 5-6 people proclaim to be Christian. Almost 100% of the rest of the population claims to be of the Tibetan Buddhist religion. These few Christians are anxiously awaiting the word of God in their own language, and three of these believers are already devoted members of the Bible translation team.

The Lord’s prayer in Maple:

ओ ङिल आप, सुको ॱश्यिङ्‍काङ्‍री मोको, क्यल मिङ्‍को चाङ्‍प त लोतो। क्यल आङ्‍को त लोतो, क्यल सेँरी खपको ॱश्यिङ्‍काङ्‍री हाच्युङ मोपको, ॱओच्योङ्‍को चु चोम्‍लिङरी त लोतो।ङिरी तिङील ॱसिकी पिँ लोतो। आन्चे ङिल आतप खेचे ॱसेप त लोतो, हाच्यु लचे ङिचे आतप खे लपचेरी ॱसेप लच्ये। ङिरी तुक तल आपिँनो। आन्चे श्ह्र तर्चे फ्रा पिँ लोतो। ता पिचे ॱपि किन क्यल आङ्‍को क्यल फाङ्‍को क्यल मोक लच्योच्येँ क्यल त लोतो। आमेन। 

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