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Jim Gustafson

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Current location: Bangkok, Thailand
Current ministry focus: I am an integral part of the SDRF in Thailand and a part of the work of the Tokyo Christian University, a partner of the SDRF in Japan.  My ministry focuses are:


  • I am Director of all SDRF projects in 4 regions of Thailand.

  • I am Director of International Relations with partners of the SDRF around the world.

  • I am the assistant to the President of the SDRF in all areas of the SDRF work.

  • I am also an adjunct professor at the Tokyo Christian University (TCU) in Japan.


            I operationalize my ministry focuses by the following activities:


  • I Plan and Evaluate SDRF projects around Thailand, Mentor SDRF staff and local leaders of the SDRF work around Thailand,

  • I meet with and Interact with Thai government departments in the areas where the SDRF works (Thai Social Development department, Thai Labor Department, Thai Fishery Department, Public Health Department, etc. in the 4 regions where the SDRF works.

  • I teach intensive classes at TCU at different times of the year. Due to the impact of the COVID 19 I am now developing my intensive classes into virtual extension classes from TCU to many countries in Asia and Africa.

  • I find, develop and meet with international partners of the SDRF and help them develop and operationalize MOUs with the SDRF.

Current contact information:

Fun and interesting facts about yourself: 

  • I was born in Laos and grew up there.

  • I went to school (grades 1-11) at Dalat School, Vietnam – an international school.

  • I am a 3rd cultural person who grew up as an American, a Thai/Lao and a mix of those cultures (called a 3rd culture).

  • I have spent 50 years as a missionary in Thailand and Laos.

Ongoing prayer request: 

  • For courage to follow God as He does His mission in a highly contextualized manner around the world.

  • For the eyes, mind and heart to see and walk with God as He does His mission.

  • For the focus to let God flow in and through me as I follow Him.

  • For the ability to “care more than others think is wise, risk more than others think is safe, dream more than others think is practical, and expect more than others think is possible.”

  • For the ability to depend, not on myself, but on God in all that I do.

  • To increase in my ability to “deny myself and to depend on God” in every way.

Year you became a missionary: 1971

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